nothing on running greeting card

-Using Panda3d 1.2.3
-PC windows xp
-2 gig of memory
-ATI gaming graphics card

I followed the troubleshooting instructions in the manual and switched the display line in the config file from pandagl to pandadx8. Same results on both, NOTHING when I run greeting card.

any ideas?

Thank you

Are you sure you’ve finished reading the troubleshooting section in the manual ?
How about this section :
Or, maybe it’s driver issue, try to install the latest driver or the most stable one.

Hi, thanks for the help.

I didn’t get a “path” error message, or any error message at all. I click on greeting cad and nothing happens except I see my hard drive light flicker for a second.

For how much time you’ve tried that since your last log off?
Sometimes logging off and logging on again solves most problems, or simply refreshing your desktop might works too.
If it persists, I believe it’s your driver problem.
Mmm…, what 3D games have you used to play with your ATI card?