Not this side!!!!....No!!!

I have a simple one about the egg file
Im making sky dome and surely i wanna see it from inside the sphere
but texture is outpost
pleasessss help me to see it…thank you

and another one is how can i know the tag script to edit .egg file

Bz im so young with Panda3D and need your help
thx again…^^

Invert the triangles.

How do you create the sky dome? If you create it by hand then you just create them with ( idx3, idx2, idx1 ) instead of ( idx1, idx2, idx3 ). If you use a modeler then, well, this depends on what modeler you use.


There must be a way in your modeler to invert normals. If not, you can do this from within Panda3D:


it should be done in your modeler

select all triangles amd just flip it

or you can just download sphere in panda 3dmodel

there is a sky_blue.egg if I not mistaken
just change the teksture


the best way is through the egg interface

from pandac.PandaModules import *
egg = EggData()'file.egg'))