normal map images


I was trying to do a normal map 2d image with blender, baking the original image normals, but i cant get the blender’s normal map image get like a real 2d normal map image…

Seeing the panda3d examples, found Normal Mapping example, the light running arround a wall and a piramid and a cylinder, then seeing the normal map images (brick-n.jpg, etc), are different from that i got in blender yet with the same texture brick-c.jpg

what was the process to do those images in the examples ¿ or with what program did were made them.


these are some of the tools available to create normal maps:

gimp normalmap plugin:

photoshop normalmap plugin: … ugins.html

i recommend reading this tutorial, it helps you understand what you should (not) do to create good normalmaps: … images.htm

this tutorial has some informations and more links to normalmaps:

Thank you for those links… !!