Noob questions about control of parent / child models

Hi there. I’m new to the forum and wanted to ask a noob question.

I’m trying to build a simulation of a radiotherapy treatment machine. It is a simple 3d model, where I need to control the position and rotation of some of the specific objects in the model (e.g. move the bed, rotate the machine). I have already created the model in 3ds format, and was trying to get the thing working in Adobe Director. Panda3d looks heaps better!

Is is possible to directly control the position of child objects within a model in Panda3d?

Many thanks

Yeah. For example, if you have named your mesh “bed” in your modeler, you can use:

bed = model.find("**/bed")
or whatever you want to do with it.

Thanks. That looks very straightforward. What about rotating the object too?

I should have RTFM :smiley:

I see that the state change tools setP, setR, and SetH will do the job.


There is also intervals to make them spin indefinitely …