noob question here

I plan on making an MMO game but having a hard time understanding some stuff from guide.

  1. How do I make a terrain and place it in my world.

  2. How do you get the scene editor to run to edit my world and such.

  3. The networking i kinda understand and will figure out on my own.

  4. Creating custom GUI, doesn’t say much in tutorial. Any help would be nice.

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Terrain you can make with various terrain programs that can export to heightmaps, like EarthSculptor or Terragen. You can load the heightmap into Panda3D using the HeightfieldTesselator class. You can find various examples on the forums here.

What excactly do you mean?
The best way to create your world is using plain python code, not using the Scene Editor. I never used it in my games.

Great. Is this a question?

Custom GUI? check the DirectGUI part here at the manual on the website. It’s under Documentation > Manual.

Thank you for the help.