Non-real-time rendering of audio and save to file

Hi there,

I am currently looking into panda3d, its 3DAudio management, and non-real-time rendering. Basically, I am interested in rendering a 3d-scene fast and save only the audio to a file (including its distance attenuation, multiple interfering sound sources, etc.). Any suggestions on how to do that (#Python)?

This seems like something that might be well suited to FFmpeg capture on your line out or whichever device you’re outputting Panda3D audio to.

In fact, he means a non-real-time render. However, OpenAL and others (it is not known for sure) do this in real time.

But the most interesting thing is that it does not require a panda. There are plenty of python sound libraries for this.

However, the positioning of sound using 3D space is questionable. Perhaps there is an algorithm for these purposes.

I don’t believe this is a feature offered by Panda, since Panda defers sound rendering to a third-party library (using OpenAL). I think your best bet is to use a virtual output device and point OpenAL at it.