Non-player character / critter example?

This is my first post and let me start off by saying Panda3D is AMAZING!

Can anyone point me to a tutorial/example/anything where I can get an idea how to generate simple non-player characters / creatures? I’ve been trying to expand on the hello world tutorial and all I have is a couple Ralph characters which walk back and forth in straight lines.


It just works the same way as human characters…
In the “downloads” section on this website you can find a lot of 3d models…

Are you asking about the appearance of the NPCs or their behavior?

For constructing artificial intelligence, Panda offers the finite state machine (FSM) class for managing states. You can use that to organize the behaviors of any AI agents you might have.

Beyond that generality, however, there aren’t any examples of AI that I am aware of. AI is so specific to each application that such examples are frequently insufficient.

What is your specific goal? If you can describe what you’d like your NPCs to do, maybe we can provide some suggestions as to how to get there.

Best of luck!