Non-mouse pointing devices

Are non-mouse pointing-devices–trackballs, perhaps accessibility devices if there are such–treated as mouses, or other additional devices? And if the former, do they use the first button-thrower in “base.buttonThrowers”, or others? (And does this change if they’re the only pointing devices present–that is, if there is no standard mouse connected?)

I know that my drawing-tablet is treated as an additional device–but then it’s identified as an “unknown device”, so I don’t know whether that’s indicative, let alone of other types of pointing device.

(To explain, I’m checking for potential issues with my key-mapper.)

All the trackballs I used where always treated as a mouse, at least on windows there seems to be no difference between a mouse/trackball click, a trackpad tap and a touchscreen tap, when all of them are present, for Panda3D it’s all ‘mouse1’.

Ah, that’s good to know–it somewhat simplifies things! Thank you. :slight_smile:

There are two pathways by which an application can receive pointing and keyboard device input: one is via the operating system’s window mechanism, which goes via the normal GraphicsWindowInputDevice that is automatically set up by ShowBase with the first ButtonThrower. This contains events for all pointing devices, as aggregated by the operating system.

Secondly, there is the InputDeviceManager, which allows you to access individual devices. Pointing devices may also show up here (depending on OS permissions), which would allow you to eg. handle multiple mice separately. This interface has not been tested very well for graphics tablets or trackballs.

Ah, I see–thank you. In that case, I suppose that the thing to do is to not worry about it too much, but to report issues as they come up (as with the “phantom mouse-event” thread). Fair enough, then!