Non-contiguous geometry source arrays

Is there any way to have non-contiguous GeomVertexData arrays being indexed from a single GeomTriangles?

In other words, rather than having all of my vertex, normal, and texcoord data contiguous in a single array, I’d like to have unique values in separate source arrays and then the index values in GeomTriangles would be tuples of the form (vertex_index, normal_index, texcoord_index). Is this possible?

I’d like to be able to do this because I’m implementing a progressive stream and I’d like to encode it using the index values of each source array instead of having to stream entire triangle values. If I can’t do it this way, I have to maintain a mapping from the original index locations to the expanded locations.

I guess you could write a shader to do this kind of indirect lookup for you on the GPU side, but other than that, there’s nothing built in to Panda to support this system.


Looks like I’ll have to go with an expanded representation for the stream. Thanks David.