I believe this question has probably been adressed before, but I can’t seem to get this work.

I am trying to link a number of models to one object, so that all are affected the same as the main object.

I used:
mainObj = NodePath(‘main’)

Object01 = loader.loadModel(‘Models/obj1’)

But then my object model isn’t visible. Am I using the correct method?

This seems to be the correct method. There must be something else wrong.

Since you have changed the parent of Object01, it could be in a position where you don’t expect to be or in a different scale.

Thanks. I didn’t give thought to position… (I thought I could create multiple objects that kept their own position even though they were linked to a parent object.) I recall reading this

in the manual.
Would I have to use this method?
I am a bit puzzled about ‘newParent’. Would this be my main object?

Yes, and yes. :slight_smile:

Although, it doesn’t sound like this is a case where you need to use wrt. Instead you can just work out what is happening and adjust the position accordingly.

Thanks for replying.
I’ve been playing around with it but my model seem to have shifted somewhat. I’ll keep at it. Thanks much.