Nodepath Order Error - Motion Path

I am attempting to export a motion path from Maya 7.

I use the following code to initizlize the curve path

self.seeker2 = loader.loadModel("models/seeker")
motionPath = Mopath.Mopath()        
myInterval = MopathInterval(motionPath,self.seeker2,name='seekerpath')

I have exported the most simple curve and receive the following error:

Looking at the egg file, I see the following knots:

Does anyone have any idea why this error is being thrown? Thanks for the help.

Order 8 curves are not supported by Panda. In fact, I didn’t realize they were even supported by Maya. Panda supports order 1 through 4; the vast majority of curves are order 4.

I’m not sure it’s even useful to create an order 8 curve; that would have too many bends between each control point, and therefore be difficult to model.

Is it really an order 8 curve, or did maya2egg introduce a strange value in conversion?


Hmm, that is strange. I used the EP Curve tool to create the path. It shouldn’t be an order 8 curve. Is there another curve tool in maya that I should be using?

I don’t know. I know little about using Maya. Can’t you inspect the curve properties within Maya to see what order Maya believes it is?