No Sound

I’ve finally managed to correctly install the audio in Panda(there was a problem in instalation with ffmpeg), and now I don’t get any errors, but I can’t hear any sound. Not from my code, and not even from the Music Box Tutorial.

DirectStart: Starting the game.                                                                        
Known pipe types:                                                                                      
(all display modules loaded.)                                                                          
:display:x11display(error): BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)                                    
shm_open() failed: Permissão negada                                                                    
/usr/bin/pulseaudio: unrecognized option '--start'                                                     
E: main.c: Failed to parse command line.

That’s what I get running the Music Box sample. That “shm_open() failed” and “pulseaudio” lines go away if I run it with sudo, but the sound still isn’t appearing. I also checked all the mixer sliders to be sure, but still no sound came. Any further suggestions?

Very weird. Are you using the OpenAL or FMOD backend? You can switch between them in /etc/Config.prc (p3openal_audio vs p3fmod_audio).

Where did you get this build of Panda3D, which operating system are you using, and do other OpenAL games work correctly?

OpenAL. Unfortunately fmod wasn’t detected by the Panda installer so I can’t try it.

I got this from the site, using in Ubuntu Linux(8.10), and I don’t know if other openAL games work. As far as I know, every other game and application sound works fine here, except these ones running with Panda.

PS.: Mplayer seems to use openAL(it does have it as a dependency) and is working quite fine. Maybe I should try using another library?

I saw on DevMasters someone having a similar problem, except he was coding in Windows and on OpenAL directly, not using an engine. Which means the topic wasn’t much useful, but someone told him to check the openAL volume.

So, noobish question: where do I check the openAL volume? Will getVolume give me that?

Hm, yeah, getVolume should be able to query that. Note that there is a master getVolume on the AudioManager and a per-sound getVolume.

Okay, here’s what I did:

	sndMgr = base.sfxManagerList
	musicMgr = base.musicManager = loader.loadMusic("Music/title.mp3")
	print sndMgr
	print sndMgr[0].getVolume(), musicMgr.getVolume(),

And here’s the output:

1.0 1.0 1.0

Still, I can’t hear a toot. :frowning: