No normal maps are shown

I’m loading texture, setting mode to M_normal, then applying it to my model (default uv sphere), adding to render, enabling auto shader, and running the app

the map



Do you have a light in your scene? (I note that the sphere is entirely white, which suggest that it may be unlit.)

does normal maps require to have any light in scene to just be shown as a texture at least?

I would imagine so, yes–although that is a guess: since the texture is indicated to be a normal-map, and is involved in the rendering of a shader that presumably incorporates normal-mapping, without a light I would expect to not see them at all.

also when i tried to add height map (loaded texture and set texture mode to M_normal_height and applied to sphere, i encountered infinity errors like this:

:shader(error): Shader encountered an error.
Assertion failed: shader != nullptr at line 1716 of c:\buildslave\sdk-windows-amd64\build\panda\src\pgraphnodes\shaderGenerator.cxx
:shader(error): Failed to compile Cg shader created-shader:
(53) : error C1038: declaration of "parallax_offset" conflicts with previous declaration at (49)
(53) : error C1038: declaration of "parallax_offset" conflicts with previous declaration at (49)

height map:

That I can’t speak to, I’m afraid, save to say that it looks like it may be a bug in the shader-generator. Perhaps raise it on the GitHub issues page!