No module named DirectGUI

The following file:

import direct.gui
print dir(direct.gui)
import direct.gui.DirectGUI

gives the following results:

[‘builtins’, ‘doc’, ‘file’, ‘name’, ‘path’]
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 3, in ?
import direct.gui.DirectGUI
ImportError: No module named DirectGUI

New installation of 1.4.2, windows xp, files in direct\src\ all seem to be there. Had same problem with 1.4.1. What am I missing?

i almost think you have another direct/ some place that is not related to panda3d

No, this error message is correct. There is no module named DirectGUI. Maybe you meant to import DirectGui instead?


That was it. I was working through the files from the bvwdemo,
which are kind of old and have some bugs in them. This is one.