no exitFunc in Panda 191, what is the alternative?

question 1: as title.

question 2: is there a way to interrupt the Panda main loop ( like the effect of Ctrl+C in Python console window ) by python program?

There is exitFunc in 1.9.1. Are you experiencing trouble with it?

If you want to exit the main program, you can use sys.exit(). If you close the main window, the main loop will also automatically stop.

i tried base.exitfunc, no such attribute. in Panda 1.81, there was base.exitfunc.
i tried base.exitFunc, it’s None Type. :open_mouth:

Are you trying to make code execute when the program shuts down? You can use Python’s own atexit mechanism, or you can assign your own function to base.exitFunc.

ok, it seems nothing needs to be taken care of when closing Panda.
just that it’s different from 1.8.1 so it made me worry.