Newbie with some of 3d modeling exp

Hello i have been working on 3d modeling (blender)and i have been wanting to make a game for a while but i need a 3d engine so i download yours and i like it a lot
The help files are very good

I have 2 question though

1 How do i give panda 3d credit when i make a game

  1. were do i post a project idea for panda3d


Well, first of all: Welcome!!! :smiley:

If you want to give Panda3D credit, just mention it in the credits - or say “this incredible game is made using Panda3D”.

  • But afaik, there is no need to. :wink:

Question number 2 is a good one.

Well, for basic project ideas, this part of the forum might be a good place to start. The Panda3D-Projects-“project” (a place to store files and/or have a project description ready) still has to fight to get the last bugs sorted out - so it will take some more time for it to become available to the “big” audience :confused:

Regards, Bigfoot29

I cant find any 2d help on Panda 3d But i see pics showing 2d games
Can some one help me find the help on it or tell me how to do it?

You’re right there isn’t much in the way of 2D examples. The “task” tutorial is completely 2D and shows you how to do some of the basic things.

Basically for 2D environments you can go one of two routes:

-Use 2D eggs or images and parent them to render2d or aspect2d.

-Or you can use the DirectGUI stuff. The DirectGUI items parents to aspect2d anyway if I understand it correctly.

The coordinate system is different as well. The horizontal aspect is X and the vertical is Z. (In a Z= up world) Y is still included in the coordinates but it has a value of 0.