New user to Panda3D is saying HI

Well … HI!

My name is Kaur and I’m absolute beginner at Python and Panda3D.
I know alot about Web programming (Html, PHP, MySql) and I have
made some Text based games for fun, and I tought that maybe I should
try something harder and I found Panda3D wich seems simpel enought to

I allso know some realy basic things about c++ and java to but woud
Python be easy to learn ?

I just want to start from small things like createing small words whit one
char moveing around and then go step by step to something harder like
small RPG. (Moveing around, few difrent words, some monsters to kill, etc.)

Python is a very easy language to learn compared to C++ or even Java. The biggest thing to watch out for is that often when starting out you will try to come up with a 10 line solution for a problem like you might in C++ where in Python you only need 1 or 2 lines to do the same thing.

I started out with Python through the following book (available free online):

It’s sort of old, and it’s actually aimed at beginning programmers, but that means that you should be able to breeze through it. After that there are lots of docs at, and there is an indispensable quick reference at … escrintro/ which I now keep open 24/7.

Panda3D is a bit trickier than Python because 3D games are a bit inherently difficult, so I’d recommend getting some Python proficiency first over a week or so, then coming back and hitting all of the examples bundled with Panda. A few of the examples will make good starting points for a game (I like the Running Ralph sample). Good luck.