New to panda3d

Hello community,

I am a belgian student (first year) with a solid background in various programming languages (c, c++, python with django for the web, almost every web languages (html,css,javascript,…)) and i decided to dive into a project (3d-gaming project of course).

So, i just found out about panda3d and i was wondering if it would be suited to build a client for my project (would need to handle communication with my server in python).I am not gonna be building my project right, my idea is more to build a small simpler game with a server (like a small trading card game, cause i love cards) to get used to the panda3D evironment.

would this framework be suited for that kind of project?

Sure, why not. One thing - Panda is more 3D than 2D engine. Of course you can make 2D game with it, but it can be a bit harder if compare with engine specializing on 2D. However, Blizzard made their HearthStone in 3D environment if I not mistake.

And here you can find complete game that’s great example of Panda3D DistributedNetworking functionality:

wow thx guys, that was exactly what i expected to hear. Honestly panda seems to be the perfect engine for what i want to do.
Just one last thing: are performance a lot different when using python instead of c++?

The important parts of the engine are in C++, even if you use Python. Unless you are doing something very CPU intense every frame in your Python script, then it should run as fast at pure C++ (for a given value of ‘as fast as’-ness).