New to panda3d

Hello! Recently I have gotten Panda3D,
And am currently using it to get a better job later on in the Game Programming.
I have a ton of experience using Scripting,
But it was not Python or C++.
Anywho, back to the point:
I have two different questions.

I know in Python the script for even starting the game is run()
But what about for C++? Is it the same?

Also, in my basic script for run() are ALL of my scripts for it all added into the one file with run()? Example:
Sword Script, Gun Script, Eating a Potato Script; Are these all scripted into one basic Script Editor or do I use multiple Editors?

If you do not understand the question,
Feel free to ask more about what I mean.

If they are answered, I may have external questions based on the answer.
Thanks so much!
-Luna :smiley:

I think you are thinking of scripting as it might be used in other games to control some basic things, but with Panda3D you can write your whole gameplay code using Python.
There is no script editor that is part of Panda, you can use whichever text editor or IDE that you feel comfortable with.
It is possible to write all of your code in one file, but as your program gets bigger it is better to split it up into multiple files and make use of Python classes. This is not specific to Panda, just part of Python.
It sounds like you haven’t taken a look through the manual yet, which I think will answer a lot of the questions you may have.

Alright thanks for the feedback.
But I’ll be using C++.
And I will take a look at the manual, thanks so much:)