New to Panda3D Any help?

Hello everyone!

I plan on learning how to use Panda. I’ve had experience using Python, but nothing more than simple “What is your name?” and other core concepts that most programming languages have. I get what objects are assuming they are the same as in JavaScript and PHP. I’ve looked around on this site at the documentation and followed some of the tutorials. I’ve noticed that not all of them are that informative for a newbie. Are there any great tutorials floating around for someone completely new to the Panda3D engine/library?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

The one I started with was the Hello World tutorial in the manual: … ng_Panda3D

But I assume you’ve already seem that one though?

If you’ve done that one, this site shows you how to create some of the basic elements needed for a game:

Back when I started with Panda3d I messed around with the code of the sample programs that came with the download, specifically the ones ranked “beginner” or “intermediate” by the manual. It helped a lot… the code is pretty well explained so you should have no problem understanding what’s going on. However, if you aren’t sure what a section does you have the freedom of modifying it to see what happens.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’m looking into it.