New Site For Projects and More

Hi everyone,

I’ve been busy creating a social network for hosting different types of media. The website is also amongst the first (if not the first) to incorporate an mmorpg guild like structure, which allows members to have fun competing against each other during “Server Games.”

You will find the website similar to Face Book, Twitter, World Press, etc. all in one, and then some. You can create blogs, surveys and online books. Members will also have what is called “My Threads”, which is their very own personal Forum, where they have full control over it; like locking a thread or making a thread a “sticky” thread. You can even ban someone from your “My Threads” if needed (as well as stop them from sending you a PM).

Member Accounts allow for picture and video gallery creation along with the ability to edit your personal page to your liking (by uploading your own artwork). Your galleries can be either Family Safe or Explicit, with access control if needed. There’s an unique “Prestige” rating system implemented, which lets you know directly how others feel about you.

If you really like a member, you can “follow” them by subscribing to them. Subscribing to a member will allow you to know when that particular member has logged into their account, by email notification.

Your Guild screen is accessed through your account along with the Armory. The Armory is where you can upgrade your Equipment for competing in the Guild Wars, which are played through the “Server Games.” You gain three different types of points on the website; Member Points, Community Points and Guild Points. You gain all three when you post, but the most points are earned through the “Server Games.” I have not completed Tier 1 yet.

The LMP system was created for a more live like chat experience. If you need to message someone back and forth versus dropping a “My Threads”, Forum message or PM, you can invite that person to an LPM session where you can message with them back and forth. The LPM system controls will take some explaining and I will have a help page for it under Support later.

There are more than twenty Community Forums on the website. What you will notice about forums is the fact they are layout controlled. Ever been to a forum where somebody posted an entire book of text and the whole forum stretched out? Not so on the site I’m finishing up. Image and URL links are also neatly controlled.

Instead of “smileys” in forums, your Avatar can be given a mood. You can upload your own Avatar Moods through your account. You can select a mood when creating a thread, replying or sending a PM. Default Avatar Moods are not yet complete.

There is no way I can explain the whole site and features in text, so experiencing it for yourself is better. I still have quite a bit of work to do on the site and some minor little errors that need to be cleaned up, but you can still access the site and view/create an account.

You will see the Test Account information on the home page. Some parts of the website will require you to log in. Feel free to create test accounts because they will all be deleted when the website officially opens.

Your user feedback will be greatly appreciated and can possibly help me uncover some errors I do not know about. The website is not built for a cell-phone or hand held at this time, so you’ll have to use your PC, Mac or Laptop. The website is also built for speed, so it was kept simple in design.

The Playpen (fun page) is one of the pages not complete. However, the first “Server Game” listed there is playable. There is one small issue still remain with the “Server Game” logic, but nothing too major (will take care of it later). You can not participate in a Guild War unless another member from a different Guild is present in a Server Game. Solo “Server Games” will only yield Community and Member statistics.

When I can finally get back to Game Development, I will post all my work on the website. I will also create open source code snippets for those who are interested in interesting logic by an interesting programmer.

Since I am going to start fresh with a new project, I was thinking about giving that unfinished RTS game I was building to the site’s community as open source. I’m just wondering if the code work will prove to be too much for other programmers…… I don’t want to fry anyone’s brain. Even after I finish the website, I will create a couple of freeware titles (at least one) for the website, first.

In the future, Community, Member and Guild points will be used to purchase downloadable content from the website.

I’m hoping some of you will get enough spare time to test out the website. I’m looking hard for errors I don’t know about, but if more people were test running the website, deeply hidden errors might reveal themselves.

If you are willing to help out by testing the website, the address is:

Please note, some of the artwork is acting as a place holder…like the art you see on Guild Screens. Guild Screens have not been decorated at all yet as well as Guild Forums, so ignore the look you will see. The empty box you see during registration will show previews of Guild mascots/art/logos later.

Sometime in the next several days I will begin cleaning up the site resolution formatting. has a native resolution of 1280x. The only supported smaller resolutions will be 1024x and 800x. For the best experience possible, I recommend visiting the website with a 1280x desktop resolution. IE6 and older is not supported. All other browsers are fine (with the exception of one or two layout errors for one).

“Server Games” have not been pre-formatted at all for 1024 and 800x resolutions (yet) and will thus yield a horizontal scrolling bar.

I have left CGI error feedback on, so if anyone does test out and finds an error, you can use the contact form on the support page to send an email. I will later allow for uploads on the contact page so a screenshot can be submitted, but only text at this time.

If any of you are interested in advertisning a finshed game or something on, that will also be possible later as well.

The main reason behind creating was the fact I was bored with other social networks/websites. They just didn’t have the type of interaction I was looking for; with that said, I hope others will find the website fun when it finally does officially release.

Best regards,



I normally turn the Server off after coding is done for a day, but I will having it up for a few days straight (maybe a week or more).

By the way, email notifications look pretty bad right now. I haven’t had a chance to clean those up yet. I also noticed another glitch…

When clicking the online books button, then hitting the back arrow and clicking the blogs button… You land back on the E-book screen.

Their are also some account issues for the account visitor vs account owner. My main goal now is to take care of site resolutions but I am making note of anything odd thing I find while working.

Since I will be working on the website, you can expect sudden layout changes, code error and forced resolution changes. By forced resolution I mean, you may be in a 1280x resolution, but I might have the server set to serve up a 1024x while testing the 1024x layout.

Hey man,

A few tips or advice if you like.
Responsive web design
Progressive enhancement
Bootstrap (From twitter)
Simple clean design

Why are you using javascript for navigation?
Why is everything a form?
Whats with the TUI, HTUI and pin number? most people can’t remember a single user/pass combination
Don’t show log out unless i’m actually logged in, likewise with register and log in.
Are you trying to be a dating site too? No way in hell i’m ever sharing that many personal details over the 'net
Also crashing when making a blog
Navigation is confusing and you have too much unused screen estate.
I want to bookmark links/pages sometimes, Search engine friendly navigation is the word!
Your selection of forum topics reminds me of reddit, and we already have reddit!
Why are there so much unrelated stuff for a gaming site?
When you try to log in after logging out it says I must become a member to log in?
I don’t get any email notifications?
The landing page is useless, personally i usually never visit a site with one of those landings
The font size is too big for me, user changeable would be nice

All in all It’s fairly unique idea but I must unfortunately say you a loooong way from a release!
I hope you are not too mad about my critique :frowning: To be blunt: redo, do right!
On another note, which web framework are you using? or is it custom built

For specific CGI control and to avoid URL navigation control (which makes it easier for hackers). The CGI was developed in a way that prevents hacking. I wouldn’t worry too much about the source code of a web page and I’m sure true future members won’t care either. :slight_smile: Another thing… LOTS of sites use javascripting! Most sites just don’t place the code directly in the source but instead use js files to load the code. The thing is, files served up to the net can be obtained by anyone, so using js files will not stop the javascript codes from being downloaded. I know this for fact, because I have downloaded js files from major sites just for the hell of it.

Because the website is structured as input, output. Even if you don’t input, the website will. Plus, the website does not write cookies to your PC. A lot of sites write cookies ( but cookies can be disabled or deleted. Not to mention, I don’t trust cookies that much.

You don’t have to remember TUIs or HTUIs. Those are for the Server. :laughing:

Not really a problem… I guess that’s a personal style/choice.

The website is a social website, therefore hookups could possibly happen. What personal info you share is up to you. In fact, the website even tells you the same thing before you enter any data. Only data you wish to share. The cool thing about the account structure is the fact someone who wants to get personal can do so, while the individual who wants to remain in the shadows can do so as well. Just remember, you can decorate your account with images of your choice and those images do not have to be personal images.

I was working with blogs today changing the code around. You might have been on the site while I was working on it. I am still working on it. I just made a blog and e-book page. No crashes.

I don’t see how navigation is confusing? The buttons are self explanatory and are located at the top and left (also left rear of the screen on account main). Screen estate… PMME2.COM screen scrolls up and down very little compared to some. scrolls up and down more than PMME2 as well as a lot of others.

I take it you landed on my site with a higher resolutions while the site was in a smaller one. I thought you typed unseen estate, but I see you typed unused. :laughing: I can assure you… PMME2.COM normally fills your entire screen. The site will detect your resolution and scale up or down based on the detection. I will have auto detection off a lot while finishing resolution layouts and old IE formatting; and force certain resolutions when I need them.

That’s why all Blogs, Surveys and E-Books are physical pages in which you can retrieve the URL. You can also create a Blog, Survey or Online Book and then create a thread to announce it, plus drop the link. If someone wants to reply to your written work, they can reply to the thread you started or drop a new one, especially if we’re talking “My Threads”, which is very similar to dropping a “tweet” on Twitter but then goes further than that.

The Form topics are basic topics people talk about in everyday life. If you want to talk about something else, use your “My Threads” or you can create a Blog. Therefore, you can have your own topics.

I don’t understand this question at all, because not only is there multiple forums for gaming, but the user created content for gaming is unlimited. Blogs, Surveys, Books, user created Form Topics, Community Forums…. The website hasn’t even launched yet, therefore data base creation for topics haven’t even begun. Not to mention… I will be making a lot of freeware, community ware, member ware and guild ware gaming titles for the website in the future; as well as code snippets which I mentioned in my opening post.

Don’t know what happened to you… I might have been messing around with code again. When you logout, you return to the entrance screen, where you re-enter the site as a visitor. I was fixing code in the temp pipeline today…that might have caused the temporary problem.

Check your spam folder to make sure they did not land there. I will have a look at the mail server later. Was working fine though, but I’ll check again.

The Website’s home page will be a self building news page later on, that’s the landing page. The Entrance page just informs you of site resolutions. I have been to a countless number of sites with a pre-page to the home page and it has never stop me from going in.

Font size is larger in smaller resolutions, which is no surprise. I was running the Server in 1024x and 800x resolutions today. The message on the Home Page (in red) tells you that. At 1280x resolution or higher, the font looks normal.

I understand some people have eye sight problems and therefore the lower resolutions were meant for those people. PMME2.COM is meant for all people…even those who can barely see. I also admit… I get much closer to the monitor than I should when I’m at, because the text looks small to me. However, even when scaling to the smaller resolutions, pmme2 will also scale down text, so all in all…text should appear nice and readable without a visitor straining their eyes on the screen.

Even now…the Server will probably be in 1024x and 800x resolutions a lot because I will be working with lower res layouts for awhile. You’ll know what resolution is up because the Home page will tell you in red text. When the site is completed, auto resolution detection will be on full time (of course).

Keep in mind, you are looking at an empty shell right now. The website has not launched, nor is it finished. It takes members to populate a website and fill its data bases and that my friends…takes time.

Found out why mail notifications stopped… I setup the Site’s true email but forgot to change the password. :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip.

You didn’t miss anything too much though… The notifications don’t look good right now. :laughing:


I will explain the site’s functionality and navigation under support later on, as part of the help page. (even though it’s simple enough)

I went ahead and added more info to the entry page. I was going to do it later, but decided to add just a little for those who do stumble across websites by mistake (although the About Us page gives the entire run down).

I haven’t even made the website public yet and already have been contacted by companies wanting to do business.

How in the world do people find out about things that haven’t been advertised in anyway what so ever?


Regarding on how people find you, whois has your full name, address and number. And most companies that contact you that way is usually scamming you in some way.

But are somewhat missing my point, first let me tell you how I do when i build a site.
Make a html/css template
Make sure it looks good down to, say 800x600 from 1920+x1080+ in the major browsers
Build the infrastructure(code) in python/php/whatever…
Throw JavaScript in the mix, make sure everything still works even with JS disabled

One of the hardest things to do is to let go of hardcoded values, example:
x:200:y150 may be the perfect spot for a image, but depending on resolution this changes.
Using x:2%y:1.5% looks just as good but on all resolutions. (for a 1000x1000 resolution)

This may be a simple example of my workflow but responsive web design and progressive enhancement really gives results!
Right now without JS i can’t even see your site!

You ask a CGI script to give you content, you dont ask it to make you a site even if you in reality can.
Nowhere in CGI is there anything at ALL to confuse hackers, Have you even read the CGI RFC?

NO, NO!, NO!!! You have gotten so many things wrong here I don’t even know where to begin!
Request -> Response ->JavaScript -> end user result
with Code.GiveTheUserWhatHeRequested between request and response, the code is never exposed to the user.
Regardless if the user has JS or not he should be able to use the site!
You dont code with JS, you script. If a site can’t function without JS then it’s fundamentally flawed.
Vital functions shall never be executed in a client!
If something requires JS and the user don’t have it then degrade gracefully with a nicely printed warning.

Yes cookies can be disabled or edited or deleted, that’s why it’s for nonvital stuff like textSize, UseX%Resolution, and so on. Do you even know what amazon’s cookies do? I can assure you they verified serverside

The problem is that you use fixed resolution. It forces you to manually maintain them.
With dynamic you just have to make it look good once.

And one more vital thing. How will you scale the site?
I assume the sites works perfectly fine for <50 concurrent visitors
How does this scale to >5000 worldwide visitors? >50000?
Think twice cut once, you know.
My guess that you will get the DDOS of Doom.
Take a look at published visitor numbers of different sites and think of what would happen if that was your site.

PMME2.COM is not registered in my name, but somebody I can trust. He is on vacation but when he gets back, I will have him go private on the registration. The people who contacted me did it through the site’s email, which was tied to one of my emails at the time.

Frist of all, how you program the CGI is the first line of defense against hackers. As for the CGI builing a website, that I never stated because I know the server side Common Gateway Interface is more or less the AI or Brains of a website (at least mine). Secondly, my CGI does create parts of my website because I programmed it to.

Man, stop putting words in my text… Why would I say you can code a site with javascript when all the modules I’ve written so far do not involve javascript? My CGI is not javascript. Javascript is for low level scripting of added functionality to a webpage. You’re better off using JAVA if you want to create a site with java. If you think js files can not be pulled form a Server…you have a lot to learn still. Like I mentioned already…I’ve done it before. If js files could not be pulled, they can not be served because none public pipes of a Server are not served. If they are, you have problems.

Do you? Personally, I don’t care what Amazon cookies do, but having my website not use them, makes my website that much more trust worthy. Amazon stores more data than resolution in cookies…that much I can tell you. It’s evident when you re-visit their site. Hell, there use to be a message on the amazon site telling you not to disable cookies because the site was depended on them. Enough said (typed).

You mean a liquid designed website. Yes I know about that but rather or not it’s right for your site depends on the layout and navigation of the site.

You got way ahead of yourself with that one. Website performance falls back on server configuration, bandwidth and the quality of the server itself. If a server is not equipped to handle 50000 people, it won’t, simple as that. I don’t think PMME2.COM will be getting 50000 people anytime to soon. Hell, by that time, a whole new server would be in place…one that can handle that kind of load.

For the record, PMME2.COM is not the first website I have built. I’ve been doing it since 2004. There’s a big difference between building a website and building a professionally coded database system. The server side of PMME2.COM is well done and goes way beyond that of a simple website. You’re writing all this stuff but yet the website is functioning perfectly so far and will continue to do so by the time it’s done. When the site is ready for the public, spend sometime with it before you shoot it down.

I assure you…PMME2.COM will not bite. :smiley:

By the way…I will be messing with resolution again today…forcing smaller ones even if you’re in a higher resolution, for the purpose of testing layout; so you might not get the best fitting resolution for your desktop.

When someone is working on the server side while others are stirring about on a website…you can expect some extra temporary errors to happen while visiting…especially when code is “tweaked.”

Best regards

Here is an example of a short Blog about humming birds, created at I simply pulled the URL for the page from the GUI.

The creation interface is basic enough for those who have no html/xhtml experience, but does not stand in the way of those who are loaded with html/xhtml knowledge, so creation of pages allow for almost anything; even embedding videos using your own code.

A paradise for those who advertise through Blogs. :smiley:

I didn’t bother uploading a new background or overlay, but yes it’s possible. You can see how the Blog creation GUI ties your account to the Blog as well. Viewers are pointed towards a member’s “My Threads” for comments.

The overall system for Blogs, Surveys and E-Books is not totally complete. There is something I want to change and several things I wish to “tweak.”


Where it says Member name and Password at the bottom… Ignore that. That’s not suppose to be there since the Blog is a Blog and not a Survey. I will edit that later (if I don’t forget to).

I will later make Blog, Survey and E-Book resolution a designer’s choice.

Here is a small book I made using the E-Book GUI at It isn’t anything super; did it really fast without adding too much art or backgrounds, etc…

This example just shows you how your created pages are automatically tied together. Someone with a lot more creativity can do a lot better than the test book I made.

Later on when I want to talk about the logic behind some of my future game programming, the E-Book GUI will come in handy.

This was a very interesting code write… It was my first time ever doing something like this….

You all know how some websites have a program you can down load which will send topic feeds to you or a website? Some sites/companies even charge you for the program.

If you use windows mail, you might have noticed how you get news feeds from time to time in your feeds mail box.

Well… In order to put my programming skills to the “grit”, I decided to create my own news feeder (raw code) instead of downloading an installing some program (which is much more dangerous because of viruses and stuff).

In order to do this, I needed some kind of data to download, so I decided to add World News to the PMME2.COM website.

If you visit the website, you will notice the home page auto generate news feeds (about ten for preview). There’s another link in the same area which takes you to a page which shows all news feeds found.

My news feeder is still experimental at the moment. In fact, I expect it to break at some point because the parser only works for one format. I’m waiting to see if I will indeed need more than one parser and if I do, the hard part will be choosing the right parser for retrieving feeds.

What’s so neat about successfully doing something like downloading news feeds is the fact you don’t have to stop at news feeds.

I can in fact download game development articles from the top sites on the internet. I could in fact parse if I wanted to.

In order to not look like I’m taking credit for some author’s work, I did not format the data into a page. Instead, the links will pop open the website which posted the article and most likely the website which has copyright over the article.

For any of you that has never written a data feeder before, I recommend it because it will challenge your programming skills and open up your mind more. Something of this nature could come in handy if implemented directly into video game source code, especially an online game.

The entire source code is no more than fifty lines of code, maybe less (given the fact I spread out my code when writing).

If my feeder stands strong and do not break, I most likely will share the code in a(n) game development article of my own in the future.


I might shut the server off from time to time until the site’s open. It is getting extremely close to finished now.

Just a friendly suggestion. Your tone is coming off as a bit hostile in this thread. I’m sure you don’t mean to, but it’s something that I can’t help but feel.

Since you’ve written a very long advertisement for your site, I’m going to treat you as a proper web developer and take off the kid gloves.

You’re trying to do too much in one go. You say you’re coding a social media website. Well, great, but why are you trying to do that before you’ve learned how to write basic HTML well? Websites are not something you can just pick up and get right the first (second? tenth?) try. It’s like writing a novel. Nobody sells their first novel*. Nobody launches their first website. This might not be your first website, but it damn sure feels like it. It’s not a problem with placeholder art, it’s a lack of understanding of aesthetics and modern design sensibilities. You don’t really have copywriting down, either, which is what makes your website seem so unprofessional. Describing something as “socially fun” is hard to overlook once. Doing it repeatedly is just bizarre.

If you want to know how to correctly (yes, there is a correct way to respond to criticism) respond to this, a good rule is to never, ever explain why something is the way it is. People criticise works for reasons; if the excuse was valid, they wouldn’t have been able to criticise in the first place. It falls upon you to take what people have said and decide if it’s worth listening to, but don’t come back and give excuses for the flaws they’ve pointed out, and certainly don’t say that you don’t think they are flaws. To do so is to insult the person who took the time to criticise you in the first place. You can ask for clarification on why someone has a particular issue without telling them you don’t think it’s an issue.

If you want my sincerest advice, you need to go back to the fundamentals and learn about the user experience and why almost everything on your website violates accepted industry practice. It is not coincidence that almost every website ever uses sans-serif fonts even though the default font is still Times New Roman in most browsers.

Finally, “I was working on the server” is not an excuse for your website failing. If you can’t figure out how to test features without breaking the main site, that is still a flaw, and one you should look into fixing. I understand it’s not launched yet, but you did advertise it on this forum.

*Well okay, some people do. But you shouldn’t bet on it.

Just fixed a major problem with the auto log out system. That issue was causing random log out issues as well as CGI errors. I knew it was there, but it was really hard to pin point. Finally…after some clever debugging, I was able to clean it up. :wink:

That was the biggest issue the website had. If there are any more, I will find them during the final testing stage. So far, is running perfectly. :smiley:

With that out of the way, I can get back to Guild Art work. :slight_smile:

Man… “Blood Clot” and “Closet Freaks” artwork came out well! :smiley:

You can view “Blood Clot” by going to Alice’s account page and clicking the Guild button at the lower left of the account main screen. When on the Guild screen, don’t forget to click the Guild Forum button to access the Guild Forum. The Art work looks different from the Guild Main to the Guild Forum.

To view “Closet Freaks” Guild main, use the search box (set to member) and type the name Marco, then follow the same steps as with Alice’s page.

(note: while visiting someone’s account page, you can also click their picture located at the top left, to return to their account main)

I have five more Guilds to create a look for (and then add the mascots and quotes to the Register screen).

The only thing left with the website now is smaller things to take care of (like getting tier 1 gear done). I will continue to work on the Admin panel while the website is public. The Admin side of things is not apart of the website side of things, so I don’t have to stall making the site public for that stuff.

I will at some point do a majorly deep testing session for any more crucial errors. If all is good, I will then start creating freeware game titles for the site (Causal Games). Once I have a couple of those done, it will be launch time.

And that’s were the real work begins… Months of it.

(The games download access works now. You can log in, click the “playpen” button and click on the game download link. There is nothing there at the moment, except one format tester located in the action category.)

Once again… I will be turning the Server off and on at different times. I won’t allow it to run full-time until the site is open for the public.

Note: If you create a new account…you may get a really long hangup time. That’s because the mail server is off at the moment. The same thing happens if you reply in a forum. That page hangup is not an issue, it’s just a matter of turning the mail server back on. :laughing: I’m just not burning the mail Server so much now because I’m waiting for site launch.


for those of you who are honestly willing to test out the website for anymore errors thanks. If you’re going to do that though…then test everything.

At the website’s current stage of development… I will be very shocked if one of you get another error message on screen. If you’re up for the challenge…prove me wrong. 8)


Found another small issue. While visiting a member account, you get a false “logged in” status at the top when you’re not logged in. I will fix this down the road…no big deal. :laughing: This wan’t happening before, but I fixed some other account related code, which most likely broke a section of code else where.

Man… If it wasn’t for the fact I’ve been developing since 2004, I would pull my hair out…but this kind of stuff is laughable. :slight_smile:

Don’t take this the wrong way but…

You’re wasting your time. It’s obvious you know nothing about designing a social site (or any) or the mechanics of PMME2 for that matter.

A little advise for you… Do some research. You will find out that websites like Reddit started on a lie. Indeed, Reddit had hundreds of fake user accounts create by the same two people in order to make the website look like it was populated. That article is still online; feel free to look.

You typing anything about my html skills is a joke, since the website isn’t entirely HTML not to mention, if I couldn’t write a web language as such, why is PMME2.COM sitting at 98.9% complete? Of course, someone like you would never consider the complexity of the server side data base which was build from nothing and all the intangibles not created with simple HTML.

As for me adverting the website here… I didn’t advertise anything. I was hoping for some testing help, not your critical nature because one things for sure… Panda3D’s forum has a lot of people who seem to do nothing but attack any and everything posted.

I’m beginning to wonder just how many accounts at the P3D forums are the same person, because a lot of the personalities here are almost the same in nature. If you haven’t noticed, then do some back tracking. Why is it one after the next pop up on my posts all aiming to attack?

That’s a good way to run off some of the more skilled and talented members.

Some of the things being typed on my threads are outside the scope of the thread itself. Let me ask you something… Why would someone who has been doing what they have been since 2004 need your advice on how to do it?

First website… You’re really funny.

I actually designed a website for an online company back in early 2000. That company since then has grown bigger, changed their name and developed another website for their new brand appearance.

If you’re having issues doing something as major as a social site, then ask for help, man… I don’t mind helping where I can. In fact, a lot of the scripting issues being posted here at is nothing but child’s play. People posting about optimizing Panda3D collisions and stuff like that… Wow… I could create a commercial game running over 60 fps all day long, even with an engine like Panda, with a screen full of actors and visual content.

If I had a problem with Panda3D, then your advise would be wanted, since I don’t have the most experience with the engine or its APIs. Outside of that, I don’t need to be schooled; been there, done that.


Just to prove I wasn’t advertising anything here as you stated in your text… I won’t even mention when is open for the public.

In fact… I won’t mention anything about it from this point forward.

When I have P3D Engine content ready on the website, you’ll just have to find out on your own because I don’t want to seem like I’m advertising anything.

I still plan on doing one commercial title with the P3D engine later this year and it will most likely be a platform type based on a very wanted style of game play. Of course its construction and publication will not be posted here.



I might suggest that the reason you feel as though you are being attacked has nothing to do with the content you create but more to do with your writing style. You obviously have a great deal of passion and focus, which is commendable. However, going on and on about your own level of talent - even if it’s true - is not going to earn you friends, allies or fans.

If you’re finding a lot of people are responding the same way to what you write, you should probably consider whether the problem lies not with them, but with you. Implying that I’m a sock puppet is childish, so I will ignore it.

None of your users care about the complexity of your server-side code. Nobody but you can see that. I never criticised your server code, because I can’t even see it. How it somehow makes your terrible web design go away, I have no clue. Nobody cares that you created a website back in 2000 either. Web design has come a long way in the past 13 years, but you apparently haven’t.

This attitude of you being better than everyone else would be undesirable even if you were actually better than everyone else. You’re probably not, but that’s neither here nor there. I raised valid complaints about your website, which you have ignored. That would be fine. You’re free to take my advice or leave it. You’re free to disagree with me over whether it’s valid. The reason you’re so grating is because you won’t just let it go. Me criticising your website is not me criticising you personally; don’t try to engage me in a pissing contest because you got your feelings hurt. If you think I’m unqualified to comment on your work, that’s fine too. But don’t throw your insecurities up for everyone else to see. Just move along. If you truly were a master web designer whose work was beyond the ken of mere mortals, then you would have learned this lesson long ago.

You don’t have to defend your work. Your work defends your work.

I agree with what Tober and kurohyou said.
Implying I created multiple accounts to “attack” you proves exactly that.
We all raised valid complaints and you, not us! decided to respond with insults.

You know what, just to raise hell i’m gonna resurrect an old project of mine and when it’s done i’m gonna release all code for free :smiley: That’s me attacking you.

/abandon thread

happened exactly what i suspected when i first saw that site.

this project to me reminded these endless mmo project announcement threads by newbies in various game engine forums. people without clue and too ambitious projects.

markjacksonguy - you do not have a clue what you are doing… trust me, i know, i used to do web development for a living…

I’m just going to go ahead and lock this thread. It seems to me that the purpose it served was to promote a generic website that is only marginally relevant to Panda3D, and the thread is only being used to provide mostly unfriendly criticism about the website design, which is not what the Panda3D forums are intended for.

If at some point there is a significant amount of Panda3D-specific content on the presented website, then you may open a new thread to discuss that content in specific. Comments about the general design of the website belong elsewhere, perhaps on a comment section of the website itself.