New Guy here

Hey there guys and gals,

My name is Michael, I am new here and just wanted to get your guys input on my game design doc. It is 14 pages and detailed to a certain extent.(Some items are list format)

This project is a personal project called “Khaos.” I will be working on this for years, you can say it is going to be a never ending side project (Which I am quite fond of) :slight_smile:

The character are going to be sprites done in clay and rendered on a plane. I am going for a late 90’s Might and Magic VI feel to it, however I am also mixing elements of Elder Scrolls “Daggerfall” style to it also.

The combat system is going to take mouse input, much similar to Daggerfall to make attacks in different directions.

The only problem is the AI functions. Well I’ll learn more from the tutorials on this cool Engine.

So tell me what you guys think?

Thank you in Advance


PS. Here is a rough map of the asteroid of “Kilter” … ame_01.bmp

Hello, welcome to the forum!

I’ll be more then happy to read your doc when I get a bit more free time. I did happen to skim through it and the concept is interesting.

I’ll let you know more when I read the entire thing, but good luck on this project!