New Gallery Or Archive for hosting Panda3D Models (Both .bam and .egg files)

Since the Alice Gallery is kinda outdated, I was wondering if anyone is knowledgeable of any platform were we can display and share new models with each other. If there isn’t any sort of platform, I was wondering who will be willing to actually try and help me set up the a sort of platform. It might be possible to setup some sort of mini-sketchfab site.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place or if there is a duplicated topic.

While I don’t know about viewing, I’ve seen GitHub used as a platform on which to share Panda models. (I even have a few there myself.)

I think you can directly download glTF from sketchfab and import it into Panda3D. So I don’t see any point in another platform made specifically for Panda3D.

Okay, I see your point. It might be a bit tedious.

I think that artists who want to share their models with Panda3D’s community could put their models on OpenGameArt and use formats that Panda3D can import. They may add a tag like panda3d on their models so it would be easy to find them.