New Documentation Page (Embedded Text Props) *fixed*

Is it only me who is getting an error there or is this because we are talking here about Panda1.1? Or did I miss to import something? (means: What needs to be imported?)

Here the Error message I get:

 tpMgr = TextPropertiesManager.getGlobalPointer()
AttributeError: class TextPropertiesManager has no attribute 'getGlobalPointer'

However, else its great work - and absolutely the thing that is/was missing atm :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

In the documentation TextPropertiesManager has a method getGlobalPtr
Maybe its this.

Oops, yes–that’s my typo; I’ll fix the manual page. The method is called getGlobalPtr(), not getGlobalPointer().


:open_mouth: THATS what I call a swift answer :smiley:

Of course, you are right… thats working. Going to update the manual.

Thanks Martin!

Errr. Edit: David was faster :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

I won! I won!


And the winner is david
1:0 for david :wink: