New development blog posts


Hey there,

as you might have noticed, there is a new blog post on the Panda3D home page.

rdb and I plan to release new posts more frequently now, aiming for one blog post on the first weekend of each month.

Enjoy reading!



Awesome news! I am excited to see some more activity on the blog.


It’s great to see that you guys are picking up the blog posts again, I look forward to reading them.

Out of curiosity, what ever happened to the rebrand planned last year? I think it would do a lot of good for Panda just for the website to get a facelift.


Very interesting! Thank you for your effort!


Hey everyone,

The all new November update post has just gone live!

Enjoy reading!



Good work, both on the blog and new features (especially async/await definitely gonna try using that for something) .


Thank you for this great update!


Hey everyone,

it’s a new year and here is our new January Blogpost. We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us, so make sure to not miss any of the new posts!

Enjoy reading!



Hey everyone,

the all new February update post just arrived! Go grab it while it’s hot.

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Look what just popped up, another great blog post!

Enjoy reading and let us know your thoughts.


Hey there,

take a look at our new blog post for April if you’re interested in reading up on some of the future plans for the Engine.

Enjoy reading!


A wild blog post appeared!


Wow, I’m impressed! I really didn’t think that 1.10 was anywhere near release, and it sounds as though it may be quite an improvement over 1.9! :slight_smile:

As to the new shader-composition approach, that seems like a really good idea. I take it that Panda would then come with some new graphical tool with which to design these shader-flows? (Perhaps with some sort of preview window to aid design?)


This is a really good idea, but as stated in the blogpost the design for all of this isn’t even finished yet. We can’t really tell if or rather when such a graphical tool will be available. Though we are aware that such tools will help make Panda3D more friendly for artists and generally non-coders which is indeed desirable.


That’s fair enough. As described there, it seems like the sort of design that would e very well-suited to visual development, but I can indeed see it working well without. Either way, it seems like a neat new feature, and likely an improvement in the developer-friendliness of the engine. :slight_smile:


Heads up folks, the new Blogpost for June is out, and while quite late, we still made it in time *yay*

Enjoy reading!


That change to mouse-handling, and thus to the results of mouse-look code, sound rather neat. Thank you for it! :slight_smile:

(And I like the idea of emulating the “relative” mouse-mode under Windows–that sounds quite handy.)


The new blogpost for July has arived, this time a little earlier than last months’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy reading!


Hey there everyone, the new blogpost for August and September is out!

Due to the fact that there wasn’t much to report back in August and to get more time for developing and further refining the awesome stuff we have in store for 1.10, we decided to write one post covering those last two months.

Check it out and enjoy reading!


It seems like it’s been a rather productive few months, I’m glad to read! The new input system sounds interesting–although I’m glad (if I have it correctly) that legacy approaches will still in some way be supported. :slight_smile: