New c++ section?

add C++

  • no c++ is Scripting Issue!
  • yes add new c++ issue forum category

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i see lots of posts in “Scripting Issues” with (c++) marker. Maybe we should add a c++ section to the forums what do you think?

Good idea! The number of C++ users is rapidly increasing so I think a separate forum would be a fantastic idea.

well i just opened up issues and see lots of c++ tags :slight_smile:

+1 for me, mostly because :

  • C++ is not really scripting (euphemism).

So we get in scripting, questions that are trivial for python and not so trivial for C++.

It’s sometimes confusing…

on another side, i really wonder why so many people enjoy using Panda in C++ . Python side is so lovely :slight_smile:

(i mean , not creating new C++ features but using existing one in C++ instead of python)

In general I don’t have anything against the idea… lets see how it turns out. 8)

What may speak against the idea of an own forum section might be the feeling of “getting isolated”. - Like something “unwanted” and thus sorted out.

But as stated: Lets get a few more oppinions… :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

i agree with bigfoot … hmm could all the c++ posts be moved to c++ section up on creation using SQL? Some thing like UPDATE post SET section = 123 WHERE title like “%cxx%”;

This way it will not feel quite so empty

Why do it in this sort of complex manner? - ah right, we are programmers. :smiley:

A more common way (without SQL) would be to just move the C+±stuff by hand using phpbb’s mod features…

Regards, Bigfoot29


Compared to the Python documentation, isn’t the C++ documentation of Panda3D rather poor? I browsed through the manuals and references I downloaded, but most (if not all) of the tutorials are in Python. So I think a C++ section would be very good.

YAY! Forum is there! Bigfoot, my hero!

One suggestion: Can the normal Scripting Issues be renamed so people will know it’s python?

And by the way, a lot of the topics are still not moved. Try also searching for CXX and Cpp instead of just C++ ?

Will do. if you manage to give me a list of still wrong located forum topics I can move them. Its a bit hard using the webfrontend of phpbb. :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29

just use SQL quarries that is what they are for!

for sql queries you need sql access. :wink:

Moved everything I saw. If you do find some more C++ stuff (just moved the clearly marked ones i found) I need the name, the forum section and the page where it can be found.

Let the C+±Battles begin! :smiley:

Regards, Bigfoot29