New beginner's tutorial

This is a cross post from the pipeline thread, but I post here for visibility. I’ve written a tutorial as I figure things out here:

I’ll write one next to introduce Event handlers shortly. I hope that this will be useful as a complement to the very useful Panda3D docs.


I’ve posted another beginner’s level tutorial covering Panda3D keyboard events and scene graph manipulations to implement antique/medieval military unit pivoting/wheeling. … rd-events/

I wanted to provide a short movie to illustrate this wheeling movement, but this didn’t worked out too well, as discussed in another thread.

Comments welcome.


I can do a screen capture for you if you wish. There needs to be more beginners tutorials for panda, I keep trying to make video tutorials but keep failing.

I’m going to take you on for this! The project code can be found at the following URL:

I wanted to have a few seconds of moving around with the w,s,d,a keys and some pivoting with the q and e keys. It would probably make more sense to see it move before sticking to the tutorial all the way to the end.

Tutorials take a bit of time, but I justify it with the thoughts that I’ll probably use them with my most overachiever students next year.


PS: From the web stats on my blog, there seem to be a lot of googling done for Panda3D tutorial. Also, someone linked the previous tutorial on, which generated some 500 visits. I think that putting together beginners tutorials is a worthwhile exercise.

Video has been recorded but the server I use for my files seems to be down. Can I email it to you? It’s 2 megs.

My ISP often balks at attachments half that size. You can try, however, just in case.

I’ve sent by PM login information to my webserver, if you can use ssh to upload there, it would also work well.

Many thanks, I’ll announce once it is up!

thx for your tuto :slight_smile:

The video is up, thanks to ZeroByte! … rd-events/