Networking Panda3D?

I would like to build a networked Virtual Environment. Is there any native networking functionality in Panda 3D? How do I access it? Any documentation?

Or do I need to write a Python client and server to interface with Panda3D? If so, can anyone help me with docs or examples :wink: ?


At this time, you will need to write a Python Client and Server to interface with Panda3D. Client code is present within Panda3D source at this time; however, the server was removed from the open source package by Disney because they wanted it to remain proprietary. This makes sense because they are running their MMOG, Toontown Online, from this server. I plan on writing an open source server for Panda over the summer.

In the meantime, Python makes networking fairly easy so you should have a pretty easy time creating a simple client and server for your environment. If you do not have “Python In A Nutshell” by O’Reilly books, I recommend purchasing that because it is a great python reference and it contains information on server development.

For a quick reference, I suggest looking up information regarding the Python Sockets Module. You can likely find a good bit of information about this on Additionally, you can check out the Twisted Framework and see if there is any base code that you can work with. Also, I wrote a small server in the fall and I should have that code lying about if you needed that for reference.


Dear Josh

Thanx allot for the advice! Yup, I thought so. I have been doing some research on on sockets :0. I am new to python but must say I like what I see!

I came across “Stackless Python” in my searches ( So I thought you might make more sense of it!

Will be trying to get my head around the Python Client and Server! I do find that I learn much quicker having a working example and would greatly appreciate some code :wink: !


P.S. Maybe I could even help with your plan?

Use TwistedMatrix, a python networking framework originally developed for multiplayer gaming. I use it for business apps. It is excellent.