Network, i'm sure i'm missing something [SOLVED]

Network, i’m sure i’m missing something, I have look at the wiki and tried the code, but I can’t get it to work. I have also read thorugh some of the DistributedNode thread, it looks great but :slight_smile: he as I can’t even get the basic network to work, I don’t have much chance in that.

Would it be possible to show me a very simple example of how to setup a server? I can’t quite get the wiki code to work I get

  File "", line 5, in <module>
    cListener = QueuedConnectionListener(self.cManager, 0)
NameError: name 'self' is not defined

I’ve been looking thought the forum alot to try and find any networking, code I can’t find that lol, i’m useless :slight_smile:

Great engine though, been messing aroudn with the other things :slight_smile:

I have foudn what I’m looking for, Here when I saw it I mistook it for being of no use as the download links did not work, but then under closer inspection it had the code there with comments (right under the first post>_<)

So thank you :slight_smile:
Answer here

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welcome to panda3d :slight_smile: I’m glad you’r problem got sloved already. cute avatar btw, i like it. i’m a neko myself.

Arigato, neko onna no ko for the win ^^ and you run Linux, we will get along well my friend ^^ Egi-san.

I’m gonna have a play around with Panda see what happens, so i’ll be back :slight_smile: