Network Card Game - Grimfang

Hello Everyone, today we share another project of Grimfang.

It’s a simple 2 player quartets-like card game with an OS-themed card deck. It makes use of pandas distributed networking system.

The game is intended for learning the distributed networking features of panda3d and is therefor very well documented. It contains Server and client logic as well as self written distributedObject based classes.

For more information visit our website: Grimfang-Studio Simple Network Cards

bDirect download: Source code[/b]
-> please read the Readme.txt file in the doc directory, which comes with the download!

Network based card game logic
Chat system
Networking using DistributedObjects
Well documented Code

b::Screenshot of the gameplay::[/b]

b::License and fuzz::[/b]
Source code is licensed under BSD and the arts(assets) are CC BY-SA 4.0
for further informations see License.txt which comes with the download

b::Grimfang Team Members::[/b]
Wolf (Fireclaw)