Need some help creating an .egg file (210.6 KB)
I have zero experience with 3d modelling or things like texture and rendering, I have this .max file which my friend made for me and I want to know if there is a simple way to convert it to a .egg file because I dont own 3D Studio Max.
I tried going through the manual This, did not understand a thing.

You don’t need to turn it into an EGG. The 3D Max documentation is outdated, the EGG format is also outdated.

You can convert it to .gltf, it’s much easier.

So can I just load a .gltf insted of a .egg file in my code??

You will need this plugin.

This is great but now I would need to convert the .max to a .gltf file. How would I do that?

Really appreciate the help and the links but i dont have 3ds max. I think ill ask my friend if he can do this.
Thanks again.

That’s right, there’s not much you can do without 3D Max. The final format must be obtained in a 3D editor. Basically, you have a project file. You need exactly the format that can be loaded in panda.