Need python programmer for project

I have programming experience with C and am currently teaching myself python. I have no experience with panda3d but I’m I quick learner. So I’ll cut to the chase. I’m looking for someone to help me with an idea I have. I need someone with a fair amount of experience with python and panda3d and knows how to manipulate a webcam.


hi, welcome to panda3d.

learning python is an easy task if you already know your way with c.

trying to find people without giving them even the slightest idea what they are supposed to help out with wont result in lots of replies(people usualy are doing their own projects already). people with AR-experience are especially rare and busy :stuck_out_tongue:

i never heared of “ar type programming”. with python and panda you can make full use of your webcam + artoolkit. which does a farily good job for AR stuff and it’s really easy to use.

if you need help on a particular problem, feel free to ask here on the forum or in the irc-channel.

I appreciate your response, I guess I should be a bit more specific, I’m just cautious because I’ve had project ideas stolen. Basically, I want a webcam (or phone cam) to alter what it is seeing. Not the enter image however, more like planes, i.e. the ground, the sky, walls, all separately.

detecting those planes can already be quite troblesome unless you have known circumstances , good trackable features or something like glyphes. image segmentation isnt terribly easy. i recommend you drop by on opencv and check if they provide anything worth it. writing a generic image-segmenter from scratch… not easy.

So when you say image-segmenter are you referring to something that automatically “detects” if you were to lets say, not have the camera perfectly flat? or move the camera (as in a phone) or something that is fixed that knows, “this is the floor, this is the ceiling, and these are the walls”?

segmentation is used to seperate single objects or parts which belong together.
detecting floor/wall/sky only works in special cases with known environmental parameters.

your best bet for now is to use artoolkit and the good old makers (aka glyphs)

while ptam allows some limited free-roaming + camera tracking it doesnt do any sky/floor/wall detection either. computer vision isnt an easy topic. and usualy, it’s extremly processing intense

Thanks a lot for the information =)
Well, maybe I’ll start small and work my way up. I’d really like to get into some AR stuff, but maybe I should try something simple first, and have some more experience with panda. I’m just not sure where to start…

for simple AR-stuff i recommend to use ARtoolkit which is integrated in panda. all you need is to print out some glyphs and a few lines of code. there should be some ar-toolkit samples on the forum somewhere.