Need help with C++ in Panda


I’ve been studying Panda 3D for a few months, but I want to switch to using C++ instead of Python. I understand that using C++ is harder, but I feel more comfortable programming in C++ because it’s my main programming language.

I’m using Dev C++ for my projects. When I try to compile the first practice program in the manual,, I get the expected No such file in directory errors for the two #includes. So I modify the file path to the folder with the Panda include files. I still get errors, though, so my next thought is that I need to include some lib files in the linker list. Is this right? If so, what lib files do I need to add?

Please let me know if I’m doing everything right so far. Thanks.

You at least need the libs p3pystub and p3framework, I think. For some things like interval stuff you also need p3direct.