need help with a modification on TPS ralph

Hi, i got a problem with a modification i did on the TPS ralph, the problem is that seems to behave diferent than,self.cube.getY(),self.cube.getZ()), everytime i use the second one the camera gets messy, here is the code of the mouse task


    def MouseTask(self):
            x =
            y =
            if, 100, 100):
             self.heading = self.heading - (x - 100)*0.5
             self.pitch = self.pitch - (y - 100)*-0.2
            if (self.pitch < -60): self.pitch = -60
            #if (self.pitch >  -1): self.pitch =  -1
   + 10,self.cube.getY(),self.cube.getZ()) didnt work like i expected
           except: pass

with this code i hope to get a litle offset only on the camera, to make it look like resident evil or gears of war that the character is slightly moved to the left or to the right and the pivot is on the character, the lookat force the camera to look at the dummy and im hoping to add a litle offset but i cant.

please if you can help me, thanks

Maybe obvious but are you calling


somewhere in your code, right?