Need a little test!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been away a couple of time but now I’m thinking about creating a new game and a tutorial on Panda3D.

But first, I need your help. I have my game on my website and a lot of people trying it tells me that the game stops after the introduction of when they press play. But when I install the game on my computer, everything works perfectly.

So if a couple of you hardcore panda3D coder and tester could just intall my game and test if you can get the game working, I would really apreciate! Also, if you have an issue, just shoot me a good error! My friend (who got some trouble with it) are not in computer and can’t give me the error message.

My page: in the section download.

Stangely, the open source that I gave to a lot a other Panda3D developpers is ALWAYS working so I guess it’s something related to the install program.

Thanks a lot for you help!!!


i would like to try but i use linux :frowning:

if you would like me to test on linux u can send me a linx version…

(you dont need to send source… it could be a compiled python source right?)

I’m not sure about the answer for this question. For what I know, when people on linux run my code source, they have no problem (same thing in windows).

I’m pretty sure the issue is when the code is put together in one big .exe file that something is missing. Is there anybody from the Panda team that could test it, because it could be a bug with the packpanda program.

Thanks artefon for your help! If you want to test the source code version, just send me a message and I will give you the password to download it.

My page again



Eum… I’m afraid people don’t have time to download my program and test it and I understand it.

I will try to test it on another computer soon and keep you inform of the error message.



Tested it until wave 2 (sorry not the type of game I like) without any problem. But Panda3D is already installed on my computer.

Thanks a lot.

If you get to wave 2, then everything should work correctly until the end.

But you raise a good point, what append if panda3d is not installed on the computer.

I will check this!

Thanks a lot


I just went to take a look at it, but was a little put off by the 60-odd MB download size.

If this is the result of the various DLLs that are presumably included, and the distribution is rather smaller without them, is there much chance of getting a version that contains just the Python files and any data files (models, level data, sounds, etc.)?

For that matter, have you checked to see whether you’re not missing a DLL in your distributed version?

If only to clean test the exe on your system, can’t you just rename your p3d installation folder temporarily ?