Need a fire&forget Panda3D Install vor Mac


I am just starting with Panda3D and Python. I am on Mac OS X.4 and I’ve seen experimental Panda3D installers for Mac.
I’ve got Python 2.5 and pyglet 1.1 installed and they work, I’d like to stick with them + Panda3D.

I totally do not want to spend my time dealing with dependencies, libraries or even the Terminal, so I wonder if there’s some installer “for the rest of us” for Panda3D for Mac?

Another note: I know there’s an online only manual, but for pyglet there’s a well written 90 pages PDF intro guide. Is there something like this for Panda3D? I’d like to have something ready for printing that I can take with me and read.


Yeah, there is in fact:
The only dependency is the Nvidia Cg Framework. You don’t need pyglet – Panda3D’s OpenGL rendering core is written in C++, and MacOSX already has OpenGL installed by default.
(Oh, I believe it only works with OSX 10.5. Sorry if you use 10.4, you could compile Panda3D from scratch. The latest CVS version (with the thirdparty packages also in the link above) is very easy to compile on OSX. Or you can upgrade to 10.5.)

About your other question: Every x.x.0 release has a downloadable version of the manual. The next release, 1.6.0 will have the manual also downloadable in CHM format.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yeah I understand I don’t need pyglet, but I want to use it, seems it has useful stuff for me besides graphics.
Uhm, to develop a game for Panda3D I only need to know Python, right, not necessarily C++?

The Nvidia Cg Framework - is this a no-brainer install?
Compiling under 10.4 - will the compilation result work on X.4? In the other thread you weren’t so sure.

Compilation instructions from the other thread:

What’s a CVS checkout? Can I even compile with GCC supposedly not installed?

I know you can download the manual, but that’s html stuff, not a ready-to-print PDF. What’s the deal with the CHM format?

Yes, you only need to know Python, not C++. I just said the core of Panda3D itself is written in C++, but with python bindings – so you can use it from python code. So you don’t need to know C++ at all.

The Nvidia Cg Toolkit is pretty easy to install. Just grab and install this (latest stable, as of writing): … er2008.dmg

No, you won’t be able to compile Panda3D without gcc installed. I recommend to just install the Xcode developer tools. I believe you can download them from the OSX website.

I’m indeed not 100% sure the compilation will work on X.4, for the simple reason that I didn’t test it on 10.4. I’ll be happy to help you with issues you encounter along the way, though.

CVS is the version control system used by Panda3D. It’s the bleeding-edge version of Panda3D, more info here:

I’m afraid there is no PDF version of the manual, at least not a recent one. There are no plans on creating that either, sorry.

What is the result of the compilation process? A single application that one could carry around or does it spread files all over the hard disc? I’m asking because maybe someone else with XCode installed could install this for me.

Bare with me, but what I don’t get is how one could install a dev environment where components spread all over the place, yet the game you produce is a single app + assets without any pre-requirements.

Is that one what I am looking for?

If you do a build using my link, the outcome will be a .dmg package that’s very easy to install.

The link you pointed at is a different universal binary by someone else. You can go ahead and try it, but I’m not sure whether it will work on 10.4.