Nametag wierd effect

I’m try to make a nametag, like Toontown’s or Pocto’s. I’m using this code (adapted from a thread a found here):

    tag = OnscreenText(scale=.75, text=data["name"].title(),bg=(.9,.9,.9,.3),fg=(0,0,0,1))     #I tried DirectLabel, but had same issue, so I tried OST
    _z = head.getTightBounds()
    _z = _z[0].getZ()-_z[1].getZ()
    if _z<0: _z*=-1
    print _z
    tag.setPos(0, _z+0.001)

The background is transparent as expected, but the text, that should be solid is being affected by the environment color, making it quite hard to read.

Look: (it reads “Fat Cheese”)

It also happens with other texts.

Try passing decal = True to the OnscreenText constructor.