my project: flight sim/space shooter

I’ve worked a while on my game, and worked very hard on the physics stuff, so I decided to show it off.
I added physics for acceleration, regarding thrust, lift, drag and gravity (lots of effort) and to make it fun, I had it shoot bullets;
I even had multiple camera modes: cockpit w/crosshair, following, and free control

Unfortunately for many, I had it work for a joystick, but I added some code so it might work with a gamepad or just the keyboard (you’ll have to fix some of the code to make it work)

I’d like better suggestions for how to make bullets, the way I spawn them seems sorta poor:

if shooting:
    bulletpause += 1
    if bulletpause > 10:
        bulletcount += 1
        exec ('self.bullet'+str(bulletcount)+ " = newbullet()")
        bulletpause = 0

If it isnt self-explanatory, it loops to shoot automatically, and evaluate a string to make a new instance of newbullet with a num to keep every var seperate. i.e: bullet1 = newbullet()

Anyway, check out my program and give me any advice you can, Thanks.

#just use an array man :)  
bullets = [] 
for bullet in bullets:
     .... do some thing ....

#after you done with that hashes are faster delete from
bullets = {}
bullets[] = bullet
for bullet in bullets.values():
     .... do some thing ....
     del bullets[]