My model material (.bam) looks weird

I export model from blender 2.80 using blend2bam package
my model material (.bam) does not have any shader
did I do something wrong?

– update –

I tried using panda3d-simplepbr package, looks like there is a little bit change of light
but there is still no change on model shader.

changing model format to .gltf file does not make a change

This is a second post of mine that has been forgotten and I don’t know why.

Perhaps, it is because of my english may be not polite enough. So i am sorry for that. i don’t intent to do that. English is not my native language.

In my thought, this game engine is great that it give a chance to solve in a way that developer want.

Now, i considered that I will use another game engine. Thank you for nice experiences. This engine improves my Python a lot.

In all fairness, you posted on a Sunday–it may simply be that few other forum-members were around at the time. And it was less than a day until your second post–it may be that a bit more time is called for in order for your post to be seen by people who have answers for you.

As for myself, as I recall I didn’t respond because I don’t really use the “blend2bam” pipeline or the more-recent versions of Blender, and have seldom used PBR rendering–as a result, I don’t have much insight in this matter, I’m afraid.

[edit] That said, I may have one idea. Would you be willing to post the “.bam”-version of your model (or of another model that shows the same problem, if you’re not comfortable with sharing the one that you showed above)?

I’m wondering whether the problem might not be that the material isn’t being exported. [/edit]

For what it’s worth, I didn’t find anything impolite in your English at all!

As to this being your second post without an answer, what was your first, if I may ask? I did quick run through your previous topics and I didn’t see one that received no replies.

It is worth noting that you have not reported almost anything. Perhaps to move forward with this, you should lay out a simple test model as in .bam, so and .blend

And it wouldn’t be bad to see the code you’re using. :person_shrugging:

It could be due to a lot of different things, such as inverted normal vectors, wrong material settings, the lack of a light applied in Panda3D, or something else. We will need more information to diagnose this issue.