my Maze

after i digged out some old models i’ve created a long time ago i decided to put together a first person maze game which with a random structure (maze).

it uses a lot of old copy-n-pasted code and the maze generator from … erator.htm . so it’s definately not a good tutorial. still it’s fun to play it.

hint: the exit is in the north-east (top-right corner of the map)




edit: updated the link with a new version, that includes a map (shows only visited places)

using that labyrinth code i mentioned in th first post i’ve created a small game:

find the exit or die trying, you have 2min30sec to find a way out of the cave, after that time your torch will extinguish and you will starve. the exit is in the north eastern corner of the map.

the download link is in the first post.


  • sound is missing
  • text could be nicer
  • map could be nicer

EDIT: fixed a bug found by Nemesis13 (caused by different panda versions)

Very nice! I couldn’t manage to find the exit myself =)

cool minigame - i love it and don’t think is so bad as a tutorial cos there is a lot to learn from

Neat little game.

I tried to get out using the old follow-right-wall algorithm and I died, too.

Second try, I used the minimap and all and made it!

Nice light rgb adjustment based on movement (wind) !

First try, the torch was out, too much time spent to watch the
Second try, I got out only by continuously looking at the map. :laughing:

But, the compass is pitch black if auto shader is off :