My mates using 3dsmax to model+animate, into Panda3d?

Hello there, I’m new here and a noob at Panda3d and game creation in general. My mate is using 3dsmax to model and animate models, what do I need to tell him to get his textured models and animations into Panda3d for me to use? Say, for example, he has a textured model that has a standing state, a walking state and a squatting state… Is there anything special he needs to do for me to get this into Panda for me to use? …Also, anything I need to do to get this working well my end?

I was using Blender 3D for importing his models and animations but that just wasn’t working right… Hope someone can help, please be detailed, as I’m a noob! :slight_smile:

Here’s something to start with … Studio_Max

He’ll need the maxegg*.dlo to export to egg.

He’ll need to split any multi/sub-object meshes so that each will have only one material. Vertex colour doesn’t export so don’t use that for baking lights etc. Apart from that it should work fine.

I read this, but I don’t seem to have any plugins in my plugsin folder? I have:

Thats it :frowning:

What operating system are you running? Which build of Panda did you use?

I’m running Mac OSX with Panda 1.6.2. I’m a noob to all this, so I apologise if it’s something really simple…

Well, 3dsmax does not run on OSX, does it? So there is no exporter for it on that platform.
You need to install the Windows build somewhere and grab the max plugin from there - but of course it will only work on a Windows platform.

Aaaah! That makes sense!

But did I hear correctly that Panda3D didn’t come with the 3DMax plug in anymore? (maybe that was just rubbish) … So my mate has Max 2009 on his Windows machine, so it’ll be obvious which one it is in the Windows download? I know there was a Max 7, 8, 9 one, but the 2009 one?

There is one for max2009 it’s there for the windows version of panda. If you don’t want to download the whole thing just to get the plugin, then just grab this:
Those are the plugins for max2009 from 1.6.2

No, you didn’t hear correctly. Panda3D on Windows still ships with the 3dsMax plugin.

Yes, there will be a maxegg2009.dlo file in the “plugins” directory.

Great help! Thanks for the link wezu and thanks for the info pro-rsoft… Nice one, appreciate the speedy response!