my file wont save right

Hi, i’m just starting panda3D and i’m having a problem saving a file right, i’m reading the manual now, i’m up to the starting panda3D and i put the code that it gives me into a the notepad and save it as, and when i try to run it in the command prompt it says error 2 no file found, or something like that. and also when i save it it stays as a text file, am i doing something wrong? can someone help me please?

ok i got the files to save right but now i cant get blender to work, something about python not being installed, can someone help?

executing Pnada3d doesn’t generate python code at all. You need python code that tells the panda engine what to do, to get anything working.
Anyway, you say you’ve got that worked out…

So, Blender… I don’t exactly remember how it was to install Blender under Windows. But I guess Blender either comes with a python version of its own or it won’t let itself be installed without a preinstalled python anyway.
So you might want to give us some more details on your Blender problem…

About Blender and Windows:

Am I right that you are using the latest version of Blender (that is 2.44) and that you don’t have Python 2.5 installed on your system?

If so, look here:
Blender 2.44 is the first version compiled against Python 2.5, and this means that some scripts (more precise: scripts which require additional imports) won’t run if Blender doesn’t find a Python 2.5 installation on your computer.

Workaround: either downgrade to Blender 2.43, or upgrade Python to 2.5. You still can run Panda3D (via ppython.exe), since Panda3D comes with it’s own, complete Python 2.4 distribution.


this is what happens right after i start up blender (i have version 2.43)

Don’t know anything about blender, but I know what his first problem was.

When you tell windows notepad to create “”, it creates “” instead. Isn’t that convenient.

Long story short, if you use notepad, you have to rename the files afterward. Also, I would suggest going into windows explorer configuration and turn off the little checkbox “hide extensions for known file types.”

Josh Yelon, sorry, but that is not quite true.

If you enter NotePad, then click File>Save, you can see a box somewhere with “Text documents (.txt)”, right? Change that to “All files.” or something like that.
Now, enter in the box and it will save as instead of

About the Blender crash, go to and download the newest Blender version. That will fix it (I think).

If that does not fix the problem, install this package from microsoft..