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AS promised here is my example. basically go around collecting the lollipops, by using the arrow keys.

its not perfect i admit, but i’m proud of it.

the only main thing that its missing is the egg edited for collision detection.

now i don’t mind people looking and using this example, but remember where it came from!

if anyone has any improvements either in the code i have used or extras that i can include please post it here so everyone can use it and benefit from it. i’m open to any changes from the simple (e.g camera view) to the major.

thanks to everyone on the forum who helped me with multiple problems i had.

oh and tiptoe, this is for you!!!

Well done!

Just a few things:

  • Your game has no end or i’m to stupid to find it.
  • on my computer the model slides over the ground. It walks to quick
  • if you turn the model: play a animation too e.g. the walk animation
  • if i press left and up, realease left the model stops after a few steps



yes you are 100% right, but then i did mention that it wasn’t perfect!

i know the character animation is poor, and that is on my list of improvements to do, but thanks more mentioning!

and your right there is no end… i don’t know how to put an end in :blush: i’m not that clever yet!

i will find solutions to all of these and repost!

but thanks for the feedback


You can make some think like: If the player gets the last thing(that on the ground) you put a text on the sreen “You win” or “finished” and a button below it “click to restart”, if the user clicks on it restart the game.
Another goal could be to dertermine the time the user need to find all things


This is marvelous Tony. I just tested it and it works fine. Very well done. Big thanks for being generous enough to share your code with the rest of us. More please :smiley:.

Oh and I think that you should post this in the ‘Code Snippets’ forum as well as here, so that it doesn’t get buried and lost. This will be a help to lots of people.


thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile:

first martin, you must be reading my mind as thats exactly what i want to try and do next!

tiptoe - your not getting any more yet. you must be mistaking me for someone who knows what they are doing! it took me 2 months to write this program!

all joking any other code that i create, i will put up espically as i am going to develop this program (beware forum!!! i’m going to be asking for a lot of help lol)

thanks again… i’m trying to develop this as you read this (and theres a cry for help or two around somewhere as well :smiley:

Thank you for posting your example game; it will help me learn panda.

Oh, man, deja vu!

This really reminds me of the first Panda game I did for CMU’s “Building Virtual Worlds” class.

Do I dare post it?

Do I?

Well, okay, not today, because it’s embarassingly fragile and I really should clean it up.

But soon. :wink:

Great job with this; I really like how the camera is slightly offset “over-the-shoulder” style so you don’t have that somewhat boring “I’m walking in a tunnel!” kind of feeling that you get with a camera directly behind the player. Good camera is hard to find.

Take care,

when I rotate camera, the camera ‘stops’ 'momentarily and then continues. Is this a known issue or just how t his was coded ?