MV3D Now Supports Panda3D

I’m pleased to announce the v0.50 release of MV3D! With this new release, MV3D offers initial support for Panda3D. All of the content tools can be switched over to Panda through config file settings. In the next release, the standard MV3D client will also support Panda3D. Until then, that is only possible when using a modified client.

MV3D is an open source virtual world simulation framework written in Python which uses either Panda3D or Python-Ogre for graphics. It was designed with scalability in mind and aims to be able to distribute a world across as many servers as needed with dynamic load balancing.

For more information on MV3D and this or future releases, please visit the website at . The full release notes for version 0.5 are available online as well. Source code and Windows installers can be downloaded from MV3D’s download page. Note that the Windows installers only support Python-Ogre at present.

Feel free to stop by the IRC chat room, #MV3D on


Cool. People are asking for such tools frequently.

Yeah. I’m pretty amazed at how easy it was to get Panda3D support going.

Once I get the client using it and some more models imported, I’ll be able to post some better looking screenshots.


As screenshots go, Panda users know what to expect from Panda, I’d be more happy with some docs, a getting started tutorial and a hello world example.

I could find a good use for this if it’s friendly to stupid people (like myself).

That’s generally what I’d think too, but the most common comments I hear are about the quality of the art/graphics. You’re right, of course. MV3D can make use of all of Panda’s features.

There’s a User Manual that has been gaining more and more content lately. Still not much in the way of great tutorials yet, but those will be coming soon.

This is actually the first I’ve heard of MV3D. I just read the major features and it seems amazing. I’m sure I’ll be using it in the future. I hope when that time comes I’ll find some contributions I might make too.

That sounds great! The more the merrier!

Just this morning, I’ve checked in support for running the client with Panda, so you can build a world using Panda assets and connect to it with the client now.


I played around with MV3D and it has pretty good features…so far. I have to say I had not heard about it either, but oh well these days is hard to keep up with all the 3d tools out there.