Multithreaded Render Pipeline bug


So there is a known bug regarding the ’ Multithreaded Render Pipeline ', when one attempts to create procedural geometry while it [threading-model Cull/Draw, etc.] is enabled. Are there any plans to fix this bug in the near future? It seems like a great feature and it’s a shame one can’t fully take advantage of it currently.


I’ve got a fix ready on my laptop, but I’m a bit reluctant to check it in before thoroughly testing it since it’s fairly massive change.

If you’re willing to help test it, I could possibly commit it to a branch and make a build for you.

Sure, I could help test it, though the latest build the computer I am using to develop supports is this one:


So you’d have to make a build that it could support :blush:
My laptop does support modern builds though I don’t really use it to develop, I could test it on both machines however.

Why are more recent builds than that one not working for you on your development computer?

Forgive the vagueness, I meant that the latest .exe build that works is that one. Since my development computer is old, trying to run the more recent .exe builds results in “…is not a valid win32…” error or something along those lines. So it’s my old pc that’s the issue not panda3d. Using the .whl files works except it’s hard to integrate other packages with it. Though I see as of “2017-08-31T11:03:17Z” the .exe builds for older computers have been added again. So if it’s not too much to ask, I hope that this custom build will be a .exe one that supports older computers, as for me integrating other packages with the .whl files is a pain as noobish as that may sound.

Not to pester you or be impolite in any way, rdb, but is the build done? The latest Panda3d version:

2017-09-04T11:03:37Z - ShaderGenerator: fix point light shadow regression Fixes: #167

Still produces the issue. If it is, then where can I get it from? I’m just really eager to use this feature with what I’ve got. Thanks.

I think I have a fix for this issue now. I’ve made 32-bit builds available; I would be most grateful if you could check whether everything works as intended. … =devel&sdk

For reference, here is the issue tracker link: