Multisample Worries

Just wanted to hear what the community thinks about multisampling. Is it safe to assume a user of your app will have a graphics card with multisampling capabilities, or should a check be made (code wise)?

The reason this concerns me is because I disabled multisampling to see how the fps would change during very high resolutions and it was as expected, my game’s fps hit perfect at really high resolution with multisampling disabled.

The thing is… If you disable multisampling, everything that uses it in your game will look bad or go black, particularly transparencies.

If multisampling compatibility is something not to be taken lightly, then I’m going to have to perform some kind of check in codes (if possible) to see if multisampling is in fact there for a user’s graphic card and if it’s not, I’m going to have to right codes that change the MMultisample to something like MDual for those instances that use multisampling.

Given the fact I’m producing a commercial quality title (which is going very well!)…is this something I should be concerned with or just assume most graphics cards can provide the multisampling request?

I plan on adding a option menu choice that will allow users to disable multisampling if they wish to use a resolution over 1280 x 768. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m hard on the performance thing. Games are so much more enjoyable when they push around 60 fps.

Right now with my app, you can have max multisampling for any resolution up to 1280 x 768 and push 60. Beyond that resolution and if you want to still keep around 60 fps, the multisampling has to go. The good thing is…edges around objects at high resolutions tend to look nice anyway.

Although looking at my graphics with max multisampling at 1280 x 768 (I prefer 1280 x 720) is so addicting!

PS, I noticed I can’t control the strength of my multisampling. Even with it set as 2x, I’m still getting the full 16xq. I think I’m doing well on the performance part having a fps of 60 with that kind of multisampling. I won’t really get a feel for the average fps until I get a lot more of this title done.

Thank God I’m a naturally gifted creative artist. I say that not to boast, but because I wouldn’t have an artist “in house” if it were not for my own talents; therefore making a commercial title attempt impossible. Graphics that do not look 1990s is a must have.

Best antialiasing mode is FXAA imo, and you only need a one-pass shader to apply it.

I was able to write code that detects Multisampling.

If there is no Multisamples, I disable MMultisampling throughout the App and replace it with MDual.

So far it’s working on Windows. Have not performed any tests on Linux or Mac yet.


can you show how you did it?