Multiple texture on a terrain

Hi friends
i want to create a large terrain that has multiple kinds of grass textures on it. i think using a large terrain with a large texture is not a good idea. because of this i want to set multiple textures to the terrain. multiple kinds of grass textures. i don’t want to set only one grass that expands over the terrain.
i see the manual and i cant set the texture to the terrain and repeat it over the terrain but can anyone know how to set for example one texture to half of the terrain and an other one to the an other half?
thank you

what you want to do is called “texture splatting”.
try searching the forum and web for that term.
it usually means you need to write a shader that does the texture blending for you. fortunately, it is one of the most basic kinds of shaders.

Fortunately the ShaderGenerator can generate one for you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.
i’ll search it.

Well there is another way but…
…it uses more video ram for textures
…multitexturing looks in most cases better
…takes a lot more time to make
…you can use normal, shine and glow textures for your terrain
…you don’t need custom shaders

I’m talking about a texture atlas.
You’d need to make extra textures that blend the two original textures, so:
-grass1 left, grass 2 rigth
-grass2 rigth, grass 1 left
-grass 1 top, grass bottom
-grass 2 top, grass 1 bottom
-grass 1 top left corrnes, grass 2 rest
-and so on…

I think I have a example of this method with ~7 textures on a 2048x2048 atlas, but that took me a week to make, with texture splating the same could be done in a day or so…if you have a shader or know how to write one, and your modeling package can export models with multiple uv sets (unless you use geomipmap terrain).

You migth want to look on the forum for ‘YAR’ for a sane, working example of multitexturing.

Found one:
[terrain texture splatting, fixed-function)