multiple rooms / windows

I have read that Panda3d does not allow you to run more than one window of Panda3d at a time.

SO what is the best way to handle rooms(screens)?

IS there a simple way to run multiple screens at once and can a screen be frozen if you leave it for another?

For example lets say you have a resources screen and a game screen- so that if you go into the resources screen the game screen pauses and is frozen.

JB SKaggs

I guess window buffers but I’m not sure to get what you’re aiming to - just check this out and following pages and see for yourself.

Panda will certainly allow you to create multiple windows, but that’s a really unusual interface for a 3-D game. Some graphics drivers have performance issues when you try to open more than one window (they slow down a lot with multiple windows), but others have no trouble with it.

If you want to freeze the old window, then why bother opening a new window? Why not just continue to render the new scene into the old window?