Multiple displays; one viewpoint per display

We are investigating game engines for an upcoming project and considering Panda. Is it possible (through one window or many) to have a distinct viewpoint for each display?

Thanks in advance.

hi, welcome to the panda3d forum.

what you look for is called “DisplayRegion” in panda.
if you want to open another window check out … nd_Buffers

you can have as many Windows open, each with multiple diplay-regions, each showing a different camera or even different scene, all in one panda-application. No restrictions other then the calculation power of your hardware.

Perfect! Thanks for the quick reply.

One more thing… I take it when we use the setFullscreen function, we can specify which monitor to full screen on.

you can not pass the monitor-number as argument to setFullscreen. iirc when requesting fullscreen, the window gets fullscreend on the monitor where the top-left corner of the window is in.

so you probably need to also set the Origin,too.

wp = WindowProperties() 
wp.setOrigin(1601,0) #any pixel on the screen you want

if your first screen is 1600 wide and you want it to be on the screen next to it.
maybe requesting the correct size for the screen is needed, not sure tho.

detailed documentation on the windowProperties can be found here: … erties.php