Multiplayer with chat code

Hello I’m new here to this forum and I’m just looking around and learning right now :slight_smile: I’m also building a team for making a virtual world.

I like to ask if anyone has a Multilayer with chat scripting code they be willing to share or I might buy it from you.

Any kind of Multilayer script would help us out :slight_smile:

Last few days I just got our server up and going.

I love Panda3D…


You mean something like this?:
[Multiplayer- with chat)

Yes that’s what we be looking for but I can’t downwload it lol

Sure looks like a nice script though

Yeah, seems all links are down already.

Well, you could try to ask on that thread if somebody could reupload it for you.

Yeah that’s an idea all think about it :slight_smile: If we get the script or build our own it’s cool.


link is broken any chance someone would be kind enough to upload this again.

Can anyone reupload it?